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The UpSpiraLife Group Preamble

The UpSpiraLife Group is an outreach of the Applied Neuroscience Institute and its purpose is to create and sustain a culture and fellowship of positivity. By their active participation, UpSpiraLife group members grow into an UpSpiral of the positively lived life, characterized by positive selfdiscovery and personal renewal. UpSpiraLife Groups are not politically oriented, are not aligned with other groups or affiliations, and are not group counseling or group psychotherapy. The UpSpiraLife Group is not focused on healing disorders, illness, or personal problems. While that may be a benefit of participation, it is not the intent or purpose of the group. Our aim is to enrich the quality of the “well-lived life” and to provide the opportunity for sharing insights and effective strategies for a happier and more fulfilled life.

The Twelve Steps

  1. Made the decision to experience positivity as often as possible.
  2. Made the decision to stay in an UpSpiral regardless of events outside of us.
  3. Dedicated ourselves to knowing, growing, and living our strengths.
  4. Found, over time, five personal heroes that would act as guides to the use of our strengths.
  5. Made the decision to know what we wanted personally by remaining, over time, in an UpSpiral and became open to letting a Source greater than ourselves guide us to our knowledge of them.
  6. Made the decision to begin to grow in our belief in a personal VibeCore- that we could have what we wanted in life.
  7. Became increasingly open to the diverse and multiple ways that what we wanted in our lives could come into being and used these steps to build and increase a core personal positive vibration that became the “flow” of our lives.
  8. Became increasingly generous and reciprocal with ourselves and our “means” in life.
  9. Formulated five malleable five-year goals and three actions steps every four months to move toward these aspirations.
  10. Allowed these goals to lead to the emergence and development of a vision for our lives.
  11. Allowed this vision to navigate us and to attract to us others whom we allowed to be guides and sources of wisdom, who became the experience of MasteRevelation for us.
  12. Shared this program and these steps with those who, demonstrated by their lives and interest, showed a readiness to hear them.

The Twelve Promises

  1. You can feel the positive emotions that you choose to feel if you lean your consciousness consistently and gently over time in that positive direction.
  2. Positive emotions will increase for you in three dimensions. You will be able to get to them rapidly, you will be able to make them last in duration, and you will be able to increase their intensity.
  3. You can stay in the UpSpiral 100% of the time, and by being there, raise both your happiness and emotional set-points and “feel good” most of the time.
  4. Negative feelings, over-reacting, and the sense of the fear of oppression will decrease. Unnecessary anger and anxious over-reactivity will eventually be replaced by expecting and seeing the best in others and in outside events.
  5. By knowing and using your strengths everyday, you will become happier, more content, and increase your sense of personal autonomy and competence.
  6. You will come to know that every negative event is an experience that can take you to your strengths, providing, over time and with practice, solace and solutions that are empowering and that build personal confidence.
  7. Your VibeCore is at the heart of you and can grow. As it increases, you will, over time, get more of what you want.
  8. You will live your life in a flow, more and more “one with the music” of life.
  9. Your goals and action steps, expressed over time in writing, will give you a sense of direction in life.
  10. Your goals, malleable and given written expression over time, will lead to an inspired vision.
  11. You will find and define the vision of passion for your life.
  12. Your vision will give you a sense of personal significance and meaning and will attract to your life vital sources of revelation and support.

The Twelve Rules

  1. The basis of the UpSpiraLife Group is “heart to “heart” identification. The group is not a discussion group. There is no cross-talk. Cross-talk is addressing someone else’s share with a reaction, advice or a suggestion. You are in an UpSpiral group to “speak for yourself” and to identify with others on the same journey. The “identification” factor is the signature feature of the cohesion of the group. It is the central way learning happens. When people identify with each other it creates unity and instant learning.
  2. All groups must adhere to the prescribed format of the UpSpiral Life Group as set forth by the Applied Neuroscience Institute. The teaching function of the group is the input piece from the group leader at the beginning of the meeting. Initially, this will be a reading or a short talk by the leader. As the program develops, invited speakers or other learning activities may be introduced.
  3. “I” is the pronoun of the group. “You” is rarely ever used because you are talking about “I,” your own experience, your own insight, and your own application of growth in positivity. “We should” and “you should” and “I have a suggestion” is off-base language and is not permitted at any time. The only “shoulds” and “suggestions” are for one’s self, never for another group member.
  4. Bring the gift of what your “I” has to share with your own personal “voice.” And then bring a listening heart. Open your heart and listen; really hear what people are saying or trying to say but can’t. Be the ears that make everyone in the group “feel” and have the experience of being “heard,” without comment, suggestion or evaluation. Just being able to talk with your own voice and be heard is a great, great gift.
  5. What will help everyone is if you share from your heart and from your gut. Nix the “teachy-teachy,” “let me tell you my experience” talk. Tell your story to tell your story for your own self-expression. Spirit will know exactly who needs it, why and where to take it. Most of the time, you may never know. Being “heard” is so powerful that if only you as the leader “hear,” the group will work. People learn to “hear” by being “heard,” even if the process takes awhile.
  6. Cross-talk, advice, and suggestion-making are stopped mid-sentence. Just put up your hand, palm outward, and say “hold on” or “use the “I.” You will find your own ways of stopping cross-talk, but you must stop it from the beginning.
  7. No matter how much you think you can help or fix another person’s experience, you only share your personal experience as it relates to you. You are a facilitator of “identification” learning and not a facilitator of a discussion. There can be discussion before the group and after, but never from the start of the group to its finish. This is the central dimension upon which groups will fail or succeed –“talking from the heart of the “I” and everyone being really “heard.”
  8. “Subtle cross-talk” is sharing something that is your experience, not because you need to share it, but because you think someone else will be helped to hear your experience. You have no idea that may be true. You are in the group to say what you need to say about you from your own experience, not to be an aid to anyone else’s learning.
  9. People are going to “refer” to someone else’s share as in, “like Robert said” or “Rosie made me think of ……” While it is difficult to avoid, try to steer the group away from things like this and thing like, “I loved Bill’s share, he was so right on.” “I am so grateful for what Allen had to say.” That is cross-talk and it reinforces some people’s share while not reinforcing others. “Speak for yourself without cross-referencing what you say” is the rule of thumb. Try to enforce this rule without sounding like a “heavy.”
  10. People will be reinforced by other’s listening intently, by laughter, by nods, by leaning into the group –these things are silent reinforcers and they just happen and they will underline what is important without any verbal reinforcement of shares being necessary in the group.
  11. Some of what is said won’t “hit” or “connect” until people are three days away from the group. Never assume people are getting exactly what they need to get in the way they need to hear it or at the moment they hear it. The power is in “the process” and Spirit controls the process. The One Mind of the group will order the group in perfect synchrony and establish group harmony. There is never a need to judge effectiveness.
  12. Participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early prior to the start of the meeting and remain 15 minutes longer at the conclusion of the meeting. These are discussion and connection times and all kinds of information will get exchanged: books, resources, support, and experiences. But when the group starts, the “discussion” stops.
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