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ANI UpSpiral  

Dr. William Kent Larkin

The Applied Neuroscience Institute

Integrating Positive Psychology and Neuroscience for practical application

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About the 7 Promises  

ANI is dedicated to helping lay people, professionals, and organizations find their way into an UpSpiral of positivity and to be able to sustain that UpSpiral.

We use an integration of the disciplines of neuroscience, positive psychology and quantum physics to achieve this UpSpiral, which is a vibration from which you attract what you want to achieve and experience in life. You might say that we are the science behind the "law of attraction" and we call that your VibeCore.

Extensive research shows that the advantages of being in an UpSpiral of positivity are:

  • You learn faster.
  • You are more creative.
  • You are faster at problem solving.
  • You have an easy access to the larger repertoire of your strengths and abilities.
  • You score higher on every measure of life satisfaction.
  • You score higher on every measure of well-being.
  • You have a higher level of gamma waves signaling a higher degree of brain " synchrony and a more economical use of your psychic energy.
  • You are more effective.
  • You are happier.
  • You feel good.

We know that a ratio of 3:1, positive to negatively weighted things in your life each day, creates productivity and activates the good things you attract to yourself. We know that brain synchrony, measured by gamma waves, is extremely important to well-being and personal satisfaction.

We make 7 promises in our work.

Promise # 1 The Emotional Gym

You can feel the positive emotions that you choose to feel if you lean your consciousness consistently and gently over time in that positive direction.

Promise # 2 The UpSpiral

You can stay in an UpSpiral 95% of the time and by being there raise both your happiness and your emotional set-points and "feel good" most all of the time.

Promise #3 StrengthSmart

By knowing and using your strengths everyday, you can raise your happiness set-point, your emotional set-point, and become happier and more content. Our testing will help you find out what your strengths are and your unique approach to using them.

Promise #4 VibeCore

Your VibeCore is at the heart of you and it can grow. As it increases, you get more of what you want. Your VibeCore is the most significant predictor of what you will get in your life. We teach how to identify your VibeCore and how to increase it.

Promise #5 FuturePac

You will identify 6 five year goals that will act as an experience that will increase your sense of life congruency, of purpose. It is like a new reality snapping into place, and, with it, a sense of direction of knowing where you are going in your life.

Promise #6 VisioNavigator

You will find or, at the very least, begin to define the vision of passion for your life.

Promise #7 MasteRevelation

You will experience revelation emerge from the synchronicity of the minds of vital friends.


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