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Integrating Positive Psychology and Neuroscience for practical application

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Photo of Dr William Kent LarkinEducated at Yale University with a doctorate from Harvard University, Dr Larkin is the creator of NeuroPositive Life Coaching and UpSpiraLife Groups. [Learn more about Dr Larkin, click here]

Your weaknesses change very little over a lifetime, maybe 3-5%. Your strengths, however, are infininetly malleable. Shine the light on your weakness and they will grow, shine "the light" on what is positive about you and you will become the "the light"

We make seven promises that can change your life, and we call this growth promises because we guarantee our work.

You can raise your happiness set-point, you can raise your emotional set-point, you can become healthier, you can become more content and you can increase your life satisfaction and sense of well-being.

That may sound like a tall order, but go to the Testimonials tab and read what is there.

Check out our 7 Promises and take The Positive Mind Test for free.


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Growing the Positive Mind - book photo
Growing the Positive Mind
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Plans to the Universe
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